Whether it’s a quiet spot for relax, an after work cocktail or an informal dinner setting, Hem’s got the key pieces for any occasion. Take a look at the four interior settings we put together and get inspired for your future projects!

The After Work Lounge

In a private lounge area, it's as much about the comfort as it is about the looks — the sleek shapes of the Kumo Sofa juxtaposed with the powerful cobalt of the Stripe Rug make up for a statement set, conveying both classic elegance and bold style. Invite your colleagues over for a cocktail and have a well-deserved after work relax: cheers to another fruitful day!

Shop the look:

Kumo 2-Seater Sofa
from $2174.25 *

All Wood Stool
from $201.75 *

Bon Pouf Round
from $224.25 *

Stripe Rug Large
from $1049.25 *

A Five Minute Break

Caught up between the errands, you just want to stop for a moment. It's time to have a break: take off your shoes, feel the pleasant texture of the contrasting Rain Rug, sit down on the Hai Chair and let it comfortably support your body, then close your eyes for a moment — feeling better?

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Neo Cushion
from $66.75 *
Hai Chair + Ottoman
from $1274.25 *

Rain Rug Medium
from $599.25 *

Come Together

Whether it's a significant occasion or just a relaxed gathering with friends, Log Table's clean lines and organic curves fit into various stylings, making it a universal piece for modern interiors. Filled with the natural charm of the Dune Rug and elevated by the subtle colors of the Touchwood Chairs, this setting offers a warm and elegant welcoming to your guests.

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Dusk Lamp
from $299.25 *

Log Table 55"
from $824.25 *

Touchwood Chair

from $209.25 *

Dune Rug Natural
from $449.25 *

Read & Collect

Big enough to fit the collection of books or art pieces, the industrial charm of The Lift shelf has been brightened up here by the vibrant colors of the Stripe Rug and the frisky blink of the Last Stool Brass.

Shop the look:

The Lift Shelf 15
from $1795.5 *

Last Stool Brass
from 374.25€ *

Stripe Rug Large
from $1049.25 *

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